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Beautiful Laminate Flooring for Homes & Offices

If you need to update a room with new flooring and value a cost-effective and easy-to-maintain option, KR Flooring Solutions has an affordable solution for you. We proudly offer customers in Maricopa County and Pinal County, AZ laminate flooring because of its many benefits. This flooring option is easy to install, and keeping it clean and in top condition is simple and convenient. Installing laminate flooring adds style and beauty to any space, whether we put it in your bathroom, kitchen, or basement. We have your flooring needs covered with excellent product sales and installation, paired with outstanding customer service and competitive prices. Let us help you enhance your home spaces today.

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Explore KR Flooring Solutions’ Impressive Selection

Part of laminate’s appeal to homeowners and business owners is its ability to mimic a wide array of patterns and appearances. If you want a hardwood floor in your kitchen but don’t want to spend what it costs, laminate flooring can give you a real wood look without the higher price tag. You can also find appearance options like tile, stone, or a festive or elegant pattern to add life and personality to a room. KR Flooring Solutions has a wide selection of laminate in various colors and design options to fit your style and budget, and we offer efficient installation services to ensure the finished floor lives up to your expectations. You can expect your new flooring to last for years with impressive durability and eye-catching aesthetic appeal.

Enjoy the Benefits of Laminate Flooring Solutions

Laminate flooring is an excellent option for your hard surface flooring for reasons exceeding its wide selection of appearances. We’ve described some common benefits of this affordable flooring:

Stain-, Fade-, and Moisture-Resistant

While the laminate material resists damaging elements like moisture, staining, and fading, many laminates also come with warranty protection by the manufacturer against these problems.


The resin coating and tough external layer make laminate flooring stronger and resistant to scratches and impact. It also lasts longer than other options, such as carpet and vinyl.

Easy to Clean

Laminate flooring has a coating that gives it superior resistance to stains and moisture, making spills and messes easy to clean. In addition, you don't need to apply any special varnish or wax to keep the special surface looking great.


This flooring option is typically less expensive than many other hard surface floors. When you consider its longevity and durability, laminate is a highly economical choice.

Sales & Installation in Maricopa County & Pinal County, AZ

KR Flooring Solutions looks forward to working with you to find a perfect flooring solution for your home. Our laminate flooring selection gives you flexibility with its appearance while ensuring a durable and long-lasting floor.

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