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LVP Flooring Options in Pinal County, AZ

KR Flooring Solutions understands how substantial a flooring investment can be when improving your home or office. We carry a wide array of outstanding options to ensure you have an appealing variety of choices, and our team of flooring specialists will gladly help you sort through the best options for your needs and budget. If you value a durable and affordable option that’s water-resistant and gives you the look of hardwood and other materials, we strongly recommend luxury vinyl plank or LVP flooring. We serve Maricopa County and Pinal County, AZ customers with a commitment to excellent products and services, and we proudly offer LVP flooring to enhance their homes’ comfort and aesthetic appeal.

home with diagonal flooring

Various Aesthetic Options to Complement Your Home

Visual versatility is one of LVP flooring’s best selling points, and KR Flooring Solutions has an extensive inventory of beautiful choices. Luxury vinyl plank comes in a wide array of appearances to give your floors the same warm and timeless appearance of wood or cool and elegant tile aesthetic without worrying about moisture or dropping a plate and cracking a tile. Instead, you get a realistically recreated design on the planks that is suitable for any style, whether you prefer a dark ceramic tile look in your kitchen or naturally attractive hardwood in your dining room. We have ample experience working with customers and matching them with the right LVP flooring to fit their tastes.

What Makes LVP Flooring an Appealing Choice

LVP Flooring has several benefits, from its impressive variety of appearances to standing up to regular wear and tear while keeping its luster. Some appealing benefits of luxury vinyl planks include the following:


You can use LVP flooring anywhere in your home or office. Their waterproof feature makes them ideal in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements because they protect your flooring from moisture and spills.

Realistic Appearence

LVP flooring has a highly authentic appearance, so you get a realistic look and feel, whether you choose hardwood, tile, stone, or any other option.

Easy Cleaning & Maintenance

You can easily clean this flooring using a vacuum, broom, or microfiber sweeper, and deeper cleans only need a damp mop using a mild cleaner.

Extremely Durable

LVP flooring does not indent, scratch, or stain easily, making it pet- and child-friendly. This quality makes these planks an ideal flooring choice anywhere in your home.

KR Flooring Solutions Is Ready to Help

Your flooring investment deserves the best possible products and results. KR Flooring Solutions is ready to sell and install your choice of LVP flooring with high-quality finished work and outstanding customer service.

Where Quality in Flooring Starts